16 Tips To Improve Email Click-Through Rate (CTR) In 2022

16 Tips To Improve Email Click-Through Rate (CTR) In 2022

Email marketers and salespeople have to overcome a lot of hurdles in their attempt to close more deals. At times, the challenges in front of them are in the form of low email deliverability, where there is a need to follow practices that help emails hit the inboxes of the intended recipient. Or in terms of low conversion rate because of low Click-through rate.

Then there is the issue of low open rates. For that, the sales team has to make the subject line of the emails attractive enough for readers to open them and tweak the timing of sending the emails. 

However, apart from low email deliverability and email open rates, making recipients take action and click on the links in your email after they finish reading it is a challenging task. It is called click-through rate, and more than half of the email marketing, and sales professionals are constantly worried about this metric being low. 

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What Is Email Click-Through Rate?

As already mentioned above, the email click-through rate is one of the most important email metrics to track which refers to the percentage of individuals who clicked on the link in the email. 

There are two types of email CTRs: TCTR (total click-through rate) and UCTR (unique click-through rate).

TCTR measures the total number of clicks a link gets, whereas UCTR measures the number of unique clicks an email link gets. 

For instance, if someone opens an email on a desktop and clicks on the link followed by opening the same email on the phone and clicking the same link, the TCTR click count is two, and the UCTR click count is only one. Moreover, if a person clicks a link once in the morning and again later, it would mean 1 click to UTCR and 2 clicks to TCTR. 

Email Click-Through Rate

How To Calculate Email Click-Through Rate?

To calculate the email CTR, you have to divide the number of subscribers who clicked on your email by the number of emails sent and multiply by 100 to get a percentage. 

Here’s the formula,

Email Click Through Rate - Formula

This metric has a lot of value as it measures the success of an email campaign. 

When the CTR is high, it indicates that the readers find your email campaign relevant and are taking action. On the other hand, a low rate means you have to work more on your outreach campaign strategy. 

What Is A Good Email Click-Through Rate?

You must be wondering what a good email CTR is. According to a study, it is 7%, and if your rate is higher than that, you are doing a good job. In case it is lower than 7%, you have to work towards improving it.

As there cannot be click-throughs without opens, you must be eager to know what a good email open rate is. Though it varies from one industry to another, the average email open rate is between 15% and 25% in email marketing. 

16 Tips To Improve Email Click-Through Rate

Now that you have an idea of the email CTR, let’s see how we can improve the email click-through rate.

1. Send relevant content

You can generate higher clicks when your content is relevant to the recipient. There are no prizes for guessing that recipients would click on what they can relate to. 

For instance, a civil engineer is more likely to click on a link in an email that compares the top 3 construction software than an email asking him to visit their website offering accounting services. It means that what you send to the prospect must resonate well with them. Only then can you expect a positive response from their end. 

2. Test your email subject lines

While email click-through rate refers to readers clicking on a link in the email body, you have to get the reader to open the email first. That is why it is essential to grab their attention through the subject line. 

Quite often, salespeople try to create catchy subject lines that have no relevance to the email copy. It is a huge mistake because they will not trust you the next time when the recipient realizes that it was clickbait. There won’t even be the next time when they mark your email as spam. It would affect your sender’s reputation!  

Test your subject lines to ensure that they resonate well with your recipient. A/B test or split testing the subject line makes sure that you send the most effective one. All you need to do is write two subject lines and send subject line A to 50% of the selected contacts on your mailing list and subject line B to another portion of the contact list. The subject line that wins is for the remaining contacts who were not a part of the A/B test. This test lets you know what the recipients find engaging so that you provide them with precisely that. You can also make use of a free subject line generator to automate the task of manually writing email subject lines.

3. Make the most of pre-headers

With the help of a pre-header, a recipient gets to know what the email is about. Most often, salespeople use pre-headers to reveal the main benefit the readers would get by opening the email. It helps in grabbing the reader’s attention, and it will result in a higher open rate. The best way to get a reasonable click-through rate is by relating your links in the email with the benefit you mentioned in the pre-header. 

4. Use personalization

Add elements of personalization to your email content. To do so, you have to know well about the prospects you are targeting. Know about their company, their role in the company, the pain points, the currently used product or software. Apart from that, find personal details like their preferences, interests, mutual connections, and anything that can build a rapport with them.

Gaining enough knowledge about them will help provide relevant offers that will fetch you more click-throughs. They would also be glad to know that you took the pains to find out about them before reaching out. 

Another way of getting their attention with personalization is by using their first name once in the subject line (and a couple of times in the email body). Upon seeing their name in the subject line, they will feel that you tailored the email for them and, as a result, will show interest. With this approach, many B2B sales teams have been able to increase their click-through rates. 

5. Optimize emails for mobile devices

The device on which people read your email also decides how they respond to your email. Recipients viewing the email on a desktop are 3 times more likely to click on the link than those who use a mobile device like a tab or smartphone. 

It is pretty easy to understand that when a sender doesn’t optimize an email for a mobile device, the recipient has to struggle a lot to read it. Such an email is most likely to end up in the trash folder, thereby dipping the click-through rate.

You can see increased engagement when you optimize emails for mobile. Such emails have 15% higher click-through rates compared to emails that are not mobile-optimized. Source

In fact, a majority of email recipients use mobile devices to open emails. So, it is now a necessity to optimize your email for mobile devices if you want to improve email click-through rate. 

6. Send emails at the right time

Do you know what the best time is to send an email? You can either depend on the popular opinion of email marketers or trust the statistics of surveys to get an answer to that question. However, you can’t blindly go by the timing you find there. You have to consider several factors to find out the best time and day of the week to send emails. It depends on your industry and your target audience.

If you can find a time that works for you, there is nothing like it. When your email hits the intended recipient’s inbox at the right moment when they have the time and mental space to read your email, the chances of getting them to click on the links of your email are higher. This way you can improve Email Click-Through Rate.

7. Include a social sharing button

Studies indicate that emails with just one social sharing button can generate a CTR 30% higher than emails without social sharing options. When there are more than three options, there is a 55% higher jump in CTR. The point is that if the recipient doesn’t find your email helpful, they can share it with a friend or colleague who will find it relevant. Having a social sharing button makes their job easier, and you can improve email click-through rate.

8. Add only one CTA in an email

It is tempting to add multiple CTA or call-to-action in an email. You might be under the impression that the recipient will at least click on one when there are many options. Well, sadly, that is not the case. It can instead backfire on you. The recipient will get overwhelmed by too many CTAs and not click on any. 

If you want to get reasonable click-through rates, add only one CTA to your email so that the recipient focuses only on one action. The email copy should be such that it drives the reader to take the action mentioned in the CTA. 

CTA placement also matters a lot in fetching you a higher percentage of CTRs. By placing the call-to-action on the right of the emails, you can see an increase in the rate.

Note: One way to improve your CTAs is by using an active voice. Let your CTA reveal what will happen upon clicking on the button and see how you can improve email click-through rate. 

9. Cover only one topic in an email

When there are multiple topics in an email, it distracts the reader, and they don’t click on any of the links. The attention span of individuals is relatively short, and they tend to lose concentration quite quickly. That is one main reason to cover just one topic in an email. 

10. Consider carrying out segmentation of mailing list

Just like how everyone has varied interests, you have to consider the interests of your email recipients. If you send emails to individuals on your mailing list who don’t have an interest in your offer, your click-through rates will dip considerably. It is better to segment your mailing list to prevent that from taking place. Doing so will help you send customized emails to prospects based on their interest. They will be more likely to engage with emails that fall within the periphery of their interests and needs. 

11. Use FOMO

You can use FOMO or the fear of missing out to your advantage. It will make readers click on CTAs. Create a sense of urgency by offering them a time-limited deal that gives them a now-or-never kind of a feeling. Make it so enticing that they can’t wait to grab it. The words like ‘today’, ‘limited’, and ‘now’ do the trick every time. 

For instance, when you say ‘Join the event’ in your CTA, the number of clicks would be less when compared to the clicks on a CTA saying – ‘Limited spots for the event.’ 

When prospects come to know that there are a limited number of seats for an event they have an interest in, they click to grab the deal. That is the impact of FOMO. It works every time you use it.

12. Add interesting and clickable HTML buttons

Use a good mix of plain text and graphics in your email. A big button having the right color combination would draw the prospect’s attention, and they would be more likely to click.

It is much better to place an HTML button instead of an image button as the former resizes based on the device the prospect uses. Also, images may not load for some subscribers, which can put you in a difficult position as the prospect can’t see the CTA, and that will cause a dip in click-through rates. Another advantage of using an HTML button is that your email will load faster, which will fetch you better results. 

13. Add social proof

People tend to do what others are doing. They try to take the same action when they see other individuals gaining from it. Simply put, the actions of one person tend to influence another. This phenomenon works well in sales. Called social proof, you can use it in your email copy to give prospects a nudge to click on the CTAs. The social proof you can use in emails include customer reviews, testimonials, and even success stories. It builds trust and shows the prospects what your existing customers feel about your product or service. 

14. Place a video

Videos help connect with prospects at a different level. You can build better relationships with prospects when you add videos. They are fun to watch and do an excellent job of grabbing your prospect’s attention and increasing the CTR. If your CTR is on the lower side, you can consider giving it a boat by adding videos to your email. You can also place GIFs in your emails instead of videos, and they would also fetch you good results. 

15. Add P.S.

One great way to attract the reader’s attention is by adding a P.S. to the email copy. You can reiterate your offer once again in the P.S. and get the recipient to take action. There are no prizes for guessing that P.S. seems attractive to the eye and is a sure-shot way of getting a good outcome. It is more of a psychological fact that says the last element draws as much attention as the first element. Thereby, using the P.S. section of your email to add links can help you improve email click-through rate. .

16. Use images

Email campaigns with images in them have 42% higher click-through rates. Visual content is way more effective in capturing readers’ attention and helps them understand your message faster. However, it doesn’t mean that you can add images and see excellent results. The choice of images has a huge role to play in CTRs. They have to be relevant to your message and should look visually appealing. 

Finally, to sum up, these are the 15 tactics you should implement for a higher click-through rate and better email campaign performance:

Tips to increase email click through rate


The click-through rate is an essential metric for any email campaign. After all, you can get things moving when prospects take action and respond to your email. The above are some tips that you will find helpful. However, not all of the tips may help you get your desired click-through rates. Certain tactics won’t work for your industry, so you should use the trial and error approach. The ones that work well and fetch you great click-throughs are worth keeping. Do split testing and watch your data and metrics closely to know how your email campaign is faring.

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