How Does Cold Email Marketing Automation Help Grow Your Business?

How Does Cold Email Marketing Automation Help Grow Your Business?

With 3.9 billion email users, email marketing is one of the most efficient marketing techniques brands and businesses use. It is also scalable and cost-effective and has a success rate of about 89%. However, when it comes to cold email marketing, people are unsure about its effectiveness. This blog tells you more about cold email marketing and how its automation can help grow your business.

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What Is Cold Email Marketing Automation?

What Is Cold Email Marketing Automation?

Cold email marketing involves sending marketing emails to potential customers without getting their explicit prior permission to do so. Cold emailing is similar to cold calling, except that it is less nosy and less labor-intensive. Further, it also has a wider reach within a short time frame. 

Please note that cold emails are not synonymous with spam emails. For, spam emails are those that are sent to innumerable people at a single go. These are sent without researching the email’s relevancy to its recipient and without ensuring even the existence of the email address. 

When software is used in place of human staff for cold email marketing, it is known as cold email marketing automation. There is numerous cold email marketing automation software available in the market. Some of them are SmartReach, OutReach, Woodpecker, Snov, Reply, Alfred, UpLead, MailShake, AutoKlose, and

Why Is Cold Email Marketing Used?

The two major reasons for which cold email marketing is used are the following 

Brand awareness

Businesses send out cold emails to spread awareness about their brand, product, or service among prospects. Such people may need your product or service, but may not have an idea that a solution is available. 

Lead Generation

Cold emailing is also beneficial in generating leads. Businesses collect the email addresses of potential customers and target them with their marketing email messages so they can generate leads.

Is Cold Email Marketing Effective?

For brands that are wondering if cold email marketing is effective for growing their businesses, the answer is yes. When done efficiently, cold email marketing can help you reach your prospects successfully. For, numerous users are spending a lot of time checking their emails each day. 

This one reason is sufficient for businesses and their marketers to prioritize cold emails. So, they should consistently leverage cold emails for getting in front of potential customers.

Another advantage of cold email marketing is that it is resolute and gets to your target audience personally. For example, although social media campaigns help businesses reach numerous individuals within a short period, only those users online will be able to view them. But with cold emails, you get your message straight into the user’s inbox, lowering the risk of them passing over your pitch.

Yet another benefit of cold email marketing is its measurability. For, businesses get to evaluate metrics like delivery rate, bounce rate, open rate, and click-through rate of their campaigns. They can make informed decisions for improving future campaigns by leveraging the data obtained from cold emailing. 

You would’ve become sure that cold email marketing can certainly work for any business in any industry. Now, let’s discover some ways to master your cold email marketing for generating outstanding outcomes.

7 Steps To Generate Excellent Results From Cold Email Marketing

7 Steps To Generate Excellent Results  From Cold Email Marketing

1. Determine your target audience

Do your homework to identify your ideal customers. This will help improve the response rates. You can do this by connecting with the target audience on social media networks.

2. Create an email list of your prospects

Build your email list of prospects by looking for those at credible sources. Tools like Lead Catcher, Hunter Chrome extensions, etc. can help you in this regard. Then optimize it by eliminating non-responding audiences from the list. This will improve your email deliverability.

3. Come up with impressive email subject lines

Your subject line needs to make the first impression for you. A powerful subject line will be short, attractive, personalized, and self-explaining. You can look at some great examples of cold email subject lines online. 

4. Have a purpose

People tend to open only those emails with a purpose. So, have a clear purpose and state it clearly in the early part of the email’s body. This will hook the reader and encourage him to read till the end and respond.

5. Automate marketing and sales email personalization

Often cold email marketing software comes with many email templates. Choose a suitable one from them. Then, automate the tool to personalize your emails for send times, demographics, potential interests of recipients, etc. 

6. Do follow-up

A study showed that sending out follow-up marketing email sequences to the recipients will bring in 2X more responses. So, schedule 2 or 3 follow-up emails with a 2-day interval for the 2nd email and a 3-day delay for the 3rd email. This can also increase conversions and sales.

7. End your email with a CTA

The final step is to incorporate a strong and thoughtful CTA into your cold email. There are several ways to design a cold email CTA. Some of these include asking for a yes/no confirmation, providing a demo, putting up an open-ended question and also incorporating a download link, etc. 

Final Thoughts…

Cold email marketing is an efficient way to reach your target audience and build a relationship with them. However, its launching can be challenging. By using an automation tool, you can simplify the enormous task to a great extent. Do follow the above-given tips to create well-crafted cold email campaigns and avoid ending up in the recipient’s trash box or spam box at the worst.

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