Make cold call outreach stronger with cloud calls

Upgrade to the new-age cloud calling and leverage its power in making your cold call outreach effective

What is Cloud Calling?

Cloud calls let you connect to prospects from the browser without using your landline or mobile phone connection. It uses the internet to make calls. Cloud calls also provide the following benefits: - Better security of phone systems - Higher speed - Ease of use

Call sequences
Call Sequences

Create call sequences based on the outcomes

Connect with twilio cloud calling
Connect with Twilio Cloud Calling

Use the internet to reach out to anyone with an active phone number with cloud calls

Personalize call scripts in real time
Personalize Call Scripts in Real Time

Add macros to call script templates to provide a human touch

Power dialer for one click calling
Power Dialer for One-Click Calling

Call with just a single click. Get the call script and prospect details in front of you while calling

Track activity history
Track Activity History

Get all the phone tasks and outreach notes related to prospects in one place

Record calls
Record Calls

Get all your cloud calls recorded for training purposes

Cloud calling first feature

What’s amazing about cold call outreach?

Get a great calling experience with the power dialer

The power dialer makes it easier to call prospects with one click. You can make calls one after another and get the personalized call script and other relevant prospect details side-by-side. It would help simplify the call outreach task. Make cold call a touchpoint in your multi-channel outreach campaign along with emails and LinkedIn messages.

No need of a phone system

Instead of using your landline or mobile connection, you can use Twilio cloud calling to connect with prospects over calls through the internet. It will reduce the dependency on the phone system.

How to use this feature effectively?

Train the sales team better

With the call recording feature, sales reps can find out how well they present themselves to the prospect and what improvements they need to make.

Stay in the loop with activity history

Get all the information you require about prospects through the activity history and notes. It will help you connect with them better over the call.

Cloud calling second feature

Explore More Features


Use SalesBlink’s in-built CRM to manage prospects and their communication history effectively from a single location and direct your business to success.

Meeting Scheduler

Schedule meetings easily with SalesBlink’s meeting scheduler synced with your Google calendar. Share your meeting link to allow prospects to pick a date and time to connect with you.

Sales Pipeline

Build a sales pipeline, manage prospects and nurture leads from one place. Predict revenue with pipeline probability and locate prospects grown cold.

LinkedIn Outreach

Connect with prospects on LinkedIn and send custom messages to maximize the chances of a response.

Cold Email Outreach

Build cold email outreach campaigns in a couple of minutes. Personalize emails for best results and track clicks, opens and replies.

Domain Search

Domain search to find email addresses of employees almost instantly by entering the domain name of a company’s website

Visual Campaign Builder

Use SalesBlink’s visual campaign builder to build your multi-channel campaign within a few minutes using simple drag-and-drop action.

Mail Merge

Get prospects to engage better with your emails with text and image personalization. Mail Merge involves using macros and SPINTAX for personalizing emails at scale.

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