25 Breakup Email Subject Lines You Should Use Before Giving Up

25 Breakup Email Subject Lines You Should Use Before Giving Up

In the world of sales, there comes a time when you have to let go of a prospect. If you have spent a lot of time and energy on a particular prospect without any benefit in return, it is better to bid goodbye and prioritize hot leads or prospects. That is why we have brought 25 Breakup Email Subject lines to help you out.

However, most salespeople either ghost out or ruin the possibility of future deals.

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What Is A Breakup Email?

Breakup emails are generally meant to get a response from a potential customer who has not been responding for too long. Or to at least end the conversation on a good note.

You should send it after sending at least two follow-up emails with no response.

A good breakup email is short and precise, along with being easy to respond to.

Importance Of Sending Breakup Email

1. It helps in confirming whether the prospect is interested in you or not.

2. It aids in winding up the conversation in a professional manner.

3. You can save your precious time as deals not worth pursuing get out of your way for good!

4. At the same time, it may not be the end as a breakup email can invoke a response from the prospect.

So, what should a good breakup email be like?

Just like your usual emails, the cold email subject lines for sales should be such that they grab the attention of the recipient. It has to be clear and concise or else it will not be opened. According to a study, 64% of email recipients decide whether to open an email or not based on the subject line.

25 Breakup Email Subject Lines

Here are some widely used breakup email subject lines:

1) “Can I close your file?”

breakup email template to stop following up

2) “Permission to close the file?”

This seems to be quite direct.  The response rate of the above subject line is 76% making it a good choice for you to get a response.

3) “Before I leave….free resources for you”

This way of ending an ongoing conversation works as you are leaving behind a strong message about being someone who seriously wants to help.

You can offer your advice free of cost or attach a free resource such as an e-book related to your product or service.

4) “Should I stop reaching out?”

At times it is better not to beat around the bush and be direct with people. You can ask for a straightforward reply to your question and in case the prospect is still not interested, it will clear the path for you.

5) “It is time to say goodbye”

breakup email template for saying goodbye

6) “Goodbye from Steve”

Or Mark, whatever your name is…

7) “Time to part ways”

8) “This is my final email”

All of the above breakup email subject lines evoke emotions of bidding goodbye and that is why they have been clubbed together.

As you are initiating the breakup from your end, the above email subject lines will trigger the prospect to react in some way. It can be an affirmation to keep the relationship going (if the person is really interested but too busy to communicate) or it can be a clear no. Read more about how to build client relationship.

9)  “Let us reconnect at a better time”

By going ahead and accepting the fact that your potential client is a busy person, you are increasing his or her value which will be appreciated by the other person.

10)  “Maybe our timing is off”

You can end the trip without making the prospect feel guilty about not responding. In case they still have an interest in you, they will make it a point to respond. If that doesn’t happen, you can as well go ahead and actually part ways.

11) “Is <name of your company> off the table?”

There are incidents when your prospect chooses to go with a competitor maybe because of a better offer. They might just not have the heart to tell you that. You can tell them from your end that you are fine with it and are ready to help you in the future.

12) “Closing the loop”

template for closing the loop

This subject line for break up email is like the final message where you are informing the client about the closure of the deal from your end.

13) “My last try”

This breakup email subject line creates imagery of the last attempt from your side to get a response from your prospect.

14) “Yes or No?”

This sales breakup email subject line is like asking for a response upfront and also shows that you are fine with either of the two. It is just a way to clearly know what the prospect has in mind.

15) “{{prospect’s_name}}, am I off base?

An email with this subject line should have a summary of the conversations you had previously with the potential client. You can enquire about the future plans and find out whether their focus has shifted elsewhere.

16) Last {{company_name}} follow-up

template as a last follow up

Here is an attempt at rekindling the prospect’s memory a little and what can be better than mentioning the company you are representing. Maybe it triggers the prospect to give a response.

17) “Should I stay or should I go?”

That is a rather cool way to say “should I stick around or not?” Things appear to be less serious with the help of humor. In fact, it won’t look like a breakup email when you deal with it lightly. It will be more of a re-surfacing email.

18) “Am I annoying to you?”

You must accept the fact that you have been constantly after the prospect for quite some time now and feel that it could get annoying. By being honest there is a chance of getting a reply.

19) “It’s not you. It’s me”

Such breakup email subject lines make it evident that you feel that the relationship is not heading anywhere. It may make the potential customer understand your value and eventually reach out to you.

20) “Final followup”

This is more like giving an ultimatum that this is going to be a final follow-up mail and you won’t be bothering the prospect ever again. Doing so can possibly stir up a response from the prospect.

21) “Thank you from {{company’s_name}}”

As a salesperson, it can be easy to send a breakup email with the above subject line. A thank you note after several failed follow-up emails can make the prospect reply to you.

22) “Before I go away…”

This breakup email subject line will mean that you have something important to say and the prospect is likely to open their email.  You can add your piece of final advice for the prospect in this email and hopefully get a response.

23) “I guess this is a goodbye?”

It appears as though you are reconfirming if you can end this relationship forever. You will know that the answer is NO from the prospect’s end when you don’t get a response.

24) “Moving on…”

A breakup email should feel like one and what can be better than saying that you are moving on. If the prospect is interested, you might get a reply.

25) “Was it something I said?”

This email subject line is like asking the prospect whether there is no response because of a mistake from your end. You can apologize for the same.


So, above are the breakup email subject lines that can be used by salespeople to get a response from a prospect or to realize that the lead is not worth pursuing.

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